Wings 02
Type: Invention
Origin: Florence
Owner(s): Leonardo da Vinci
User(s): Leonardo da Vinci
Lucia Rossi
First Appearance: A Wing and a Prayer

The Wings were one of Leonardo da Vinci's finished inventions. They allowed him to sore the skies of Florence.


There are sketches of the Wings in the Note Book. Created whilst working under Verrocchio, the Wings were one of Leo's most obsessive inventions. He tested them on several occasions and managed to fly for a long period of time. Both the leader of the Luminari, Piero de Medici and the thief Rizzo wanted the Wings for themselves. Rizzo took the wings but was forced by Piero to test them, presumably falling to his death. (A Wing and a Prayer)

Leo later built another pair of wings. Leo used them to escape the city with the fugitive Lucia Rossi. (The Fugitive)

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