Biographical Info
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Florence
Occupation: Engineer
Affiliations: Luminari
Status: Unknown
Series Info
Actor/Actress: Mike Huff
First Appearance: A Wing and a Prayer
Last Appearance: Fireball

Valerio was the most accomplished engineer in Florence, his work known all over Italy. He was recurited by the Luminari to build the Mechanical Man from Leonardo's Note Book.


Valerio was brought before the Luminari and, with little persuasion, accepted the task of creating the Mechanical Man. He assured Piero that he could do it, although some days later, he returned telling them that it was impossible and simply a childish fantasy. Not one to be put off, Piero tells him anything is possible, and throws some more money at him. (A Wing and a Prayer)

Valerio has a breakthrough with the mechanical man which makes Piero change his mind about killing the Duke. (Angels and Cherubs)

Valerio attended the celebrity party at the Medici palace. (Servant of Florence)


Valerio is very self assured and confident in his ability to create anything... for the right price. Leonardo's sketches of the Mechanical Man, however, stump him.

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Da Vinci's Code: CaporasoProfessor Pico † • Piero de' Medici
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Time Waits: MazziniPiero de' Medici
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Lost and Found: CaporasoGiacomoPiero de' Medici
Servant of Florence: Piero de' MediciPlacidi
Bandit Queen: BelladonnaPiero de' MediciPlacidiValerio
Fireball: CaporasoPiero de' MediciPlacidiValerio
Enter the Robot: CaporasoLorenzo de' Medici (indirect) • MazziniPiero de' Medici

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