Valentina de' Medici
Biographical Info
Gender: Female
Family: Eduardo de' Medici (father)
Piero de' Medici (uncle)
Teresa de' Medici (aunt)
Lorenzo de' Medici (cousin)
Status: Active
Series Info
Actor/Actress: Emily Child
First Appearance: It Must be Love

Valentina was the spoilt and vain second cousin of Lorenzo de Medici. Her father, Eduardo, was the cousin of Piero de Medici.


An only child and apparently motherless. Valentina came to Florence when her father, Eduardo, was summoned by his cousin, Piero. Unbeknown to her, her father was secretly part of the Luminari and was delivering a shipment of special gunpowder. Lorenzo was charged with showing her the sights of Florence, but she was more interested in shopping. That is untill she meets Leonardo da Vinci who she instantly becomes besotted with. The two begin flirting shamelessly, much to Tomaso's annoyance. She pretends to be intrest in Leo's inventions only to gain his attention. Tom tries to draw her away from Leo buy suggesting they shop together. The plan backfires when Valentina falls in love with Tom. She even buys him expensive clothing. Then the infactuation becms to much, Tom reveals that he is actually a she. Valentina vows to destroy her future at Verocchio's studio by revealing her true identity. Along with her father she arrives a the studio only to have Verocchio tell her she is wrong as Tomaso has been there all along, he and Leo traveled by an improved Velocirotor. She and her father leave embarrassed. (It Must be Love)


Valentina has mostly selfish traits. She is very vain, buying only the most expensive clothing. Like lots of pretty things. She, by her own admition, can usually get boys to do anything for her. Very fickle, often falling in love on a whim. She is spoilt by her father.

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