The Mask of Death
Series 2, Episode 07
Scarpa S2E07
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Dragon Hunt
Stupid Cupid
Main Characters Leonardo da Vinci
Lisa Gherardini
Niccolo Machiavelli
Lorenzo de Medici
Villain(s) Piero de Medici
Production Info
Air date 25th October 2012

The Mask of Death is the seventh episode of Series 2 and marks the pivoting point of the series.

Synopsis Edit

With their Duke dead, Florence is in turmoil. However their hopes rise quickly when it comes clear that Piero will be succeeding their late ruler. All seem reassured by this. All apart fro notorious assassin Scarpa. In demand of his unpaid money, he blackmails Piero.

Summoned to make a death mask for the Duke, it is soon suggested that something fishy is going on. Leonardo is determined to come to the bottom of the Duke's death, but Piero is onto him and this time, blood will be spilt...

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