Signor da Vinci
Biographical Info
Gender: Male
Status: Active
Series Info
Actor/Actress: Jeremy Crutchley

Signor da Vinci, the father of Leonardo da Vinci, is a lawyer.

Biography Edit

Signor da Vinci was supposed to be visiting Leonardo to see his work. Andrea del Verrocchio informs Leonardo that he is unable to come. (Lost and Found)

Leo was going to be going sailing with his father and. thus, invented a new type of sail. Verrocchio informs him again that his father cannot come. Leonardo is very upset but his cheered up by his friends Tomaso Gherardini and Machiavelli. (Servant of Florence)

Leonardo goes to his father for help when his maestro, Verrocchio, is framed for the murder of Antonio Costa. He accidentally reveals he is marrying a woman named Francesca and has not told her he has a son. He is adamant that Verrocchio is responsible and tells Leo that Piero de' Medici has specially asked for him to represent the case against him. (Framed)

The next morning, Signor da Vinci catches Leonardo, Tomaso and Mac shouting at the false witness. He is appalled and sends Tom and Mac on their way. He warns Leo to stop meddling with the case. Later, at the case hearing, Signor da Vinci wins the case and it is announced Verrocchio will hanged the following morning. The next day, following Leonardo's attempt to spring his maestro from jail, Signor da Vinci convinces the judge that Leo is misguided and should not be punished. When Verrocchio is found innocent, Signor da Vinci apologises to Leo and Verrocchio and says justice has been done. (Perspective)

Signor da Vinci asks Verrocchio's workshop to design the invitations to his wedding. Leo is very excited and does his very best to ensure that they are perfect, even using a real baby for his designs of Cupid. After the completion of the invitations, Signor da Vinci invites Verrocchio but reveals to Leo that he still hasn't got round to telling Francesca about him. (Stupid Cupid)

Appearances Edit

Series OneEdit

Series TwoEdit

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