Schelling's Watch
Owner(s): Peter Schelling (formerly)
Leonardo da Vinci (temporarily)
Mrs Schelling
First Appearance: Time Waits

Schelling's Watch was a minature time piece created by the famous swiss watch maker, Peter Schelling, for an unknown reason, possible for the Luminari.


The watch itself looked like an ordinary pocket watch, just minature. It was constructed in Schellings workshop in Switzerland. It was marked with the initials P.S. and the most unusual thing about the watch, was that it ran backwards. The numbers on the face were also going anti-clockwise. For some reason this lead many to believe it was an item that could possible control time. It is believed to have been comisioned by Piero de Medici for his use in gaining power. Shortly before his death, Schelling must have swallowed the watch in order to either trasport it safely or keep it hidden. After his death, his body was take to the city's morgue where it was discovered by Leonardo da Vinci. It was eventually returned to Peter's mother, Mrs Schilling, with whome he had been travelling. Inside the watch case therewas also a piece of parchment with and inscription: "Zeit ist besiegtist beslegt, ben tod beslegt." which was translated as "TIme is defeated, death too." (Time Waits)

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