Biographical Info
Gender: Male
Occupation: Thief
Affiliations: Luca (henchman)
Status: Unknown
Series Info
Actor/Actress: Martin La Maitre
First Appearance: A Wing and a Prayer

Rizzo was a wheeler dealer/petty thief who lived in Florence and conducted a rather dubious business. A shrewd business man who was always looking for the next big deal.


It is virtually unknown what business Rizzo was actually involved in but what is known is that he was a small time thief. He and his henchman, Luca often prowled the streets of Florence, looking for opportunities. During one such outing, they overhear that some merchandise that was sold to him by Machiavelli was fake. After chasing him through the streets, he arrived to see Leonardo da Vinci testing his latest invention, the Wings. He offers to buy the wings, believing they will give him power and status in the city, but Leo declines. He then takes Mac as a hostage while alterations are made to the wings. Once completed, he will return Mac to his friends. He later steals Marietta the falcon to trade for the Wings. Once Piero de Medici finds out that he has his prized falcon, he straps Rizzo into the Wings and makes him jump from the highest roof in town. He plummets to the ground, presumably to his death... (A Wing and a Prayer)


Rizzo had a very short temper and did not suffer fools gladly. Always looking to have one up on anyone, he often managed to wheel out of any tight situations. Never one to do his own dirty work, he uses Luca to the end.

Series 1 Enemies
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Da Vinci's Code: CaporasoProfessor Pico † • Piero de' Medici
A Wing and a Prayer: LucaRizzo † • Piero de' MediciValerio
Something Wicked: Lucio ZangariPiero de' Medici
It Must be Love: Eduardo de' MediciPiero de' MediciValentina de' Medici
The Lightning Box: Carlo CazaliNiccolo Machiavelli (indirect) • PlacidiPozzo
Time Waits: MazziniPiero de' Medici
Angels and Cherubs: CaporasoMichelangeloPiero de' Medici
Lost and Found: CaporasoGiacomoPiero de' Medici
Servant of Florence: Piero de' MediciPlacidi
Bandit Queen: BelladonnaPiero de' MediciPlacidiValerio
Fireball: CaporasoPiero de' MediciPlacidiValerio
Enter the Robot: CaporasoLorenzo de' Medici (indirect) • MazziniPiero de' Medici

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