Piero de' Medici
Piero promotional
Biographical Info
Gender: Male
Family: Teresa de' Medici (wife)
Lorenzo de' Medici (son)
Duke of Florence† (cousin)
Rocco de' Medici (nephew)
Place of Birth: Florence
Status: TBA
Weapon(s) Used: Sword
Series Info
Actor/Actress: Alistair McGowan (Series 1)
James Clyde (Series 2)
First Appearance: Anything is Possible
Last Appearance: The Dogs of War

Piero de Medici was one of the formost Bankers in Florence in 1469 and one if it's wealthiest patrons. He was the founding member and leader of the sinister Luminari – a secret society intent on stealing Leonardo da Vinci's designs and ultimatly bringing down the Duke of Florence. The father of Lorenzo de Medici and husband of Teresa de Medici


1397, Piero's ancester, Giovanni de Bicci de Medici, moved the headquaters of the Medici banking empire to Florence. On the 9th June 1425, Piero was born into this, one of the wealthiest banking families in Italy. A career into which he later followed. He became one of the most important patrons in Florence and was respected by all. He later married his wife, Teresa and had a son, Lorenzo. Soon, his became the most famous banking family in all of Itally. Believing himself to be the most powerful and influentual person in Florence, he forms the secret society the Luminari, to assist in the destruction and downfall of the Duke.

To take his revenge on Leonardo for foiling his plans, Piero frames Andrea del Verrocchio for the murder of Antonio Costa. (Framed/Perspective)

Throughout Series Two, Piero develops a mater plan to conquer Europe by tricking Florence into waging war on Milan. He poisons the oldDuke of Florence only to find that Rocco de Medici is still alive. His plans to kill Rocco and take control of the Tank are foiled by Leonardo and the gang reveal to the city that Piero's plans. He is arrested and is to be executed but he blackmails the Gaoler to pass on a message...


Piero is, basically, "the baddy". He longs to take control of the City from the Duke. He has a long-term aim to replace him which he refines very cleverly through the series.

His first step, however, is to capture Leonardo's notebook and see if his much-talked-about designs can be used for Piero's own dark purposes. The fact that his son, Lorenzo, is a friend of Leonardo's adds a wonderful extra ingredient to his plotting – sometimes it's a help and sometimes a huge hindrance! It is fun. Piero isn't just mean and threatening though; he also has a lot of cleverness and wit. We also see his fatherly side with his son, Lorenzo.

Gallery Edit

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