Petronella Conti
Biographical Info
Gender: Female
Family: Signor Conti
Status: Active
Series Info
Actor/Actress: Jay Anstey
First Appearance: Something Wicked

Petronella Conti (Jay Anstey) was the daughter of a man who owed money to the loan shark Lucio Zangari. Rather then see her father go to prision, she agreed to marry Lucio as payment.


Petronella comes from an unmentioned town to Florence with Lucio Zangari who she is to marry. Zangari had comissioned a portrait to be painted for the wedding from Verocchio's studio. Students Leonardo da Vinci and Tomaso were chosen to do this. During a stand-off between Petronella and Tomaso, Petronella says that she is simply doing her duty to her father and protecting him from a life in prison. The family owed money to Zangari and instead of sending her father to jail, Petronella agreed to marry him. Unaware of the plot concived by Machiavelli to trap Lucio, Petronella was at last free and reunited with her father. During her time at the studio, she learned Tom's secret, but promised to keep it.


At first very cold and quiet, but a lighter side shone through. Dutifull to her family and able to keep a secret.

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