Lucio Zangari
Lucio Zangari
Biographical Info
Gender: Male
Occupation: Conman
Affiliations: Luminari
Status: Unknown
Series Info
Actor/Actress: Michael Richard
First Appearance: Something Wicked

Lucio Zangari was a loan shark who took great pleasure in others misfortunes. He came to Florence on the Luminari's bidding to collect arms for their campaign.


Lucio was present in the town Masetto at some point in his past. As a loan shark, he would lend money to people, and when they did not repay their debts, he would often torture them, thier families and even burn their houses down. A young Machiavelli encountered Lucio in Masetto where the town was in flames after a vicious fear campaign. The young Mac throws a rock at Lucio hoping to casuse some harm, but instead, he catches the rocak and hurls it back at him, causing him to have a scar on his forhead. Many years after this, Lucio was summoned to Florence by the Luminari to possible cause the same ammount of fear as in Masetto. They gave him money to gather arms. He was due to marry Petronella Conti, the daughter of one his many debters. This was an arrangement made by Petronella herself to stop her father from going to prision. To celebrate the marigae, he comissioned a portraite of Petronella from Verocchio's studio. The young Leonardo da Vinci and Tomaso were the students who painted this. Mac remebers the damage the he caused in his home town, and the gang seeing how poorly he treats Petronella, decide to take reveng. Ultimatley, Zangari's greed would be his down fall as he was tricked into believing alchemy was real. He was framed for the theft of an exspensive painting and arrested. His fate is unknown at present. (Something Wicked)


Mean, nasty and controlling. Hot tempered and easily angered. He showed little compassion to women and treated them poorly. Vain, always thinking of his appearence to others.

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