Biographical Info
Gender: Male
Family: unnamed mother
Occupation: Henchman
Affiliations: Rizzo (master)
Status: Unknown
Weapon(s) Used: Crossbow
Series Info
Actor/Actress: Craig Hawks
First Appearance: A Wing and a Prayer

Luca was the henchman of the pettie thief, Rizzo. Not one to use his own mind, he followed his masters orders. Although not as mean as his boss, he often questions his motives.


Luca lived in Florence under the employe of Rizzo. Slightly on the nieve side, he was not as bad as his boss. He simply followed orders, but sometimes questioned them. While spending time with Machiavelli, he showed his softer side by praising his mother and her cookingtill under his masters thumb, he shot Leonardo down whielst he was using the Wings. Presumably he was sent to prison on the instruction of Piero de Medici shortly after Rizzo fell to his death. (A Wing and a Prayer)


Luca was a simple man, but easliy influenced. Led into a life of crime, he made few decissions and ultimatley this led to him working with Rizzo. He still had great admeration for his mother and given the oppertunity, would have stopped his life of crime.

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