Eduardo de' Medici
Biographical Info
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Florence
Occupation: Smuggler
Affiliations: Luminari
Status: Active
Series Info
Actor/Actress: Russel Savadier
First Appearance: It Must be Love

Eduardo was the cousin of Piero de' Medici, father of Valentina de' Medici, uncle to Lorenzo de' Medici and was also a member of the Luminari.


Eduardo and his daughter, Valentina, were part of the Medici family tree. Presumably a widdower and with only one child as he tells Piero that "Valentina is all he has". They arrived in Florence on his cousin, Piero's, bidding. Eduardo had been asked to smuggle some special gun powder into the city. He told Piero that many people had died to get it there. During a testing of the power of the gunpowder, he watches Piero with a large smile on his face. Later he and his daughter try to expose Tomaso as a fraud (on Valenina's say so) but is embaressed to see him working at the studio as moments ago he was left at the palce. He tells Valentina she has gone to far and needs discipline. (It Must be Love)


Very fond of his daughter, he panders to her every need. He often refeers to her daughter as " Mia Piccola Poppettina" Apearing easy going, but dedicated to his cause. eventually growing tired of his daughter behaviour, he decides to disapline her, showing a more stricter side.

Appearances Edit

Series One Edit

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