Type: Projectile weapon
User(s): Belladonna
Niccolo Machiavelli
First Appearance: A Wing and a Prayer

A crossbow is a projectile weapon which is commonly used by warriors because of its power and accuracy.

History Edit

Whilst assisting Rizzo in capturing Niccolo Machiavelli, Luca was armed with a crossbow. He later used the crossbow in an attempt to shoot down Leonardo da Vinci so that Rizzo could take possession of the wings. (A Wing and a Prayer)

During their ambush to steal the Lightning Box from Leonardo and Lorenzo de' Medici, Machiavelli to take down Leo's bike so that Carlo Cazali could grab the box. (The Lightning Box)

Belladonna used a crossbow to inform Piero de' Medici that she had taken Lorenzo prisoner. She fired two bolts, one with a message and the other a stand of Lorenzo's hair. (Bandit Queen)

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