Biographical Info
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: In a town near Florence
Occupation: Servant
Affiliations: Andrea del Verrocchio (Maestro)
Leonardo da Vinci (friend)
Tomaso Gherardini
Status: Active
Series Info
Actor/Actress: Thembalethu Ntuli
First Appearance: Anything is Possible

Cosimo was the put upon manservant of Andrea del Verrocchio, despite being only a child. He showed himself to be very capable of doing most things. Often used to explain exposition.


Usually the brunt of his master's anger, Cosimo lived and worked at Verocchio's studio. Often found around the art rooms, he was quite happy and willing to do his masters bidding, making drinks, cooking, cleaning and fetching things. He was not able to be an apprentice as he could not draw.


to be added

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