Bruno Cafarelli
Bruno drink
Biographical Info
Gender: Male
Occupation: Thief
Affiliations: Mazzola (employer)
Status: Active
Weapon(s) Used: Sword
Series Info
Actor/Actress: Justin Francis
First Appearance: Cat and Mouse

Bruno Cafarelli is a thief who works for dangerous criminal, Mazzola. An ace at fencing, there is always more to Bruno than meets the eye.

Biography Edit

Bruno knew Niccolo Machiavelli from a long time back. While Mac a street conman, Bruno was an employee of Mazzola and an ace at fencing. From time to time, Bruno would have a drink at Lucio's, a tavern by the canal. (Cat and Mouse)

In 1467, Bruno is still working for Mazzola. she threatens him but he takes the key to her safe of stolen valuables. Bruno approaches Mac with a planned robbery and asks if he wants to be his partner. Mac declines, however, knowing Bruno only wants a fall guy if the plan fails. Lorenzo arrives to see Mac but angrily leaves when Mac jokes about his engagement to Angelica Visconti. Upon discovering who Lorenzo is, Bruno catches up with him and encourages him to break free. Glad someone is finally taking him seriously, Lorenzo suggests they hang out. The duo take Leonardo da Vinci's bike and ride around the streets of Florence. Bruno runs into his boss Mazzola who is glad to see him befriending a Medici. Bruno, however, assures Lorenzo that he is done with her.

At the Medici Palace, the pair cause a mess by driving around on the bike. When Mac arrives to check on Lorenzo, he finds them fencing on the dining table and damaging the Medici displays. Mac tries to bring up Bruno's robbery plan but Bruno denies any knowledge of it. Lorenzo is hurt when Mac suggests Bruno is only after his money and orders him to leave. Later, Bruno listens to Lorenzo moaning about his privileged life. Bruno agrees to stay the night and says he'll just sleep on the couch. However, that night, he robs Mazzola's safe and plants one of her pendants in Mac's flat, framing him. When Lorenzo discovers Bruno is responsible and used him for shelter and protection, he threatens to tell Mazzola but Bruno retaliates, threatening him with his sword. He insults Lorenzo before leaving with the bag of stolen goods. Later, in a bid to save Mac from Mazzola, Lorenzo goes to Lucio's where he finds Bruno. The two fight for real this time, however Bruno overpowers him and tells Lorenzo he is pathetic. Lorenzo recovers and, using a trick Placidi taught him, disarms Bruno just as Mazzola arrives. She forces Bruno to pick up the bag and the two of them leave. (Cat and Mouse)

Gallery Edit

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