Placeholder person
Biographical Info
Gender: Male
Occupation: Bodyguard
Affiliations: Angelica Visconti (client)
Status: Active
Series Info
Actor/Actress: Jason Benderman
First Appearance: Stupid Cupid
Last Appearance: By the Sword

Benito was the bodyguard of Angelica Visconti.

History Edit

Benito accompanied Angelica when she was taken off Lorenzo's hand and given to Machiavelli to look after for the day. However when the pair were kidnapped bu Gorgoni, Benito was injured in the scuffle and returned to the Medici place. (Stupid Cupid)

Benito was seen to have recovered as he was seen guarding Angelia during Silvio Pirelli's fencing demonstration in the Piazza. (By the Sword)

Appearances Edit

Series Two Edit

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