Biographical Info
Gender: Female
Occupation: Bandit
Status: Unknown
Weapon(s) Used: Flintlock
Series Info
Actor/Actress: Stephanie Schildknecht
First Appearance: Bandit Queen

Known as the Bandit Queen, Belladonna is a criminal mastermind. She works alone and has in her possession a variety of different and dangerous weapons.

History Edit

Belladonna was known for expertise in the world of crime and was a role model for other thieves including Niccolo Machiavelli. In time she became known as the Bandit Queen.

Belladonna posed as a fish market girl named Maria in order to get close to Lorenzo de' Medici. Smitten by her fake personality, Lorenzo accompanied her to give food to her family who were apparently starving. Upon arriving at the Via Della Scala, Belladonna revealed to Lorenzo that he'd been kidnapped. After sending a ransom message to Piero de' Medici, Belladonna was arrested when Placidi and his men found her. However, Belladonna was rescued by Lisa Gherardini who believed her to be Maria, a kind fish girl. Upon escaping with Lisa whom she took hostage, Belladonna found Lorenzo in the Medici place. She threatens to shoot him if he doesn't come with her but, when he refuses, she threatens to shoot Mac instead. Although Lorenzo gives in, the place alarms go off giving Leonardo da Vinci the distraction he needs to disarm her. She holds off the gang with a poisoned dagger and flees but not before warning Lorenzo that next time, she'd get him. (Bandit Queen)

Series 1 Enemies
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Da Vinci's Code: CaporasoProfessor Pico † • Piero de' Medici
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Bandit Queen: BelladonnaPiero de' MediciPlacidiValerio
Fireball: CaporasoPiero de' MediciPlacidiValerio
Enter the Robot: CaporasoLorenzo de' Medici (indirect) • MazziniPiero de' Medici

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