Antonio Costa
Biographical Info
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Piero de' Medici
Status: Deceased
Series Info
Actor/Actress: Sean Higgs
First Appearance: Framed
Last Appearance: Framed

Antonio Costa was an employee of Piero de' Medici. He was killed by Placidi so that Andrea del Verrocchio could be framed for his murder.

Biography Edit

Costa was paid by Piero de' Medici to embarrass Andrea del Verrocchio and his workshop by refusing to pay for a portrait he had commissioned. He insulted Verrocchio's work and caused a scene by demeaning his work in the middle of the Piazza. This sparked a scuffle between the two men resulting in Verrocchio trying to take the money owed out of Costa's purse. Upset, Verrocchio goes to the tavern for the night. Outside, Costa is paid by Placidi for his work and goes on his way but is followed by Placidi and killed by a rock to his head. Placidi then takes his purse. The following morning, his lifeless body is discovered and an identical purse is found planted in the workshop. Verrocchio is then arrested as a false witness has spoken to say he saw him kill Costa. (Framed)

Verrocchio is later released when Lorenzo de' Medici convinces his father not to go through with it. (Perspective)

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