Andrea del Verrocchio
Biographical Info
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Florence
Occupation: Artist
Workshop Maestro
Affiliations: Leonardo da Vinci (Apprentice)
Tomaso Gherardini (Apprentice)
Cosimo (Servant)
Status: Active
Series Info
Actor/Actress: James Cunningham
First Appearance: Anything is Possible

Maestro Verrocchio, 50 years old, is the owner and master of the Workshop. Strict and keen not to waste a single Florin, he disappoves of his apprentices being idol or late. But caring and loyal, little does he know that he will be putting all his trust in Leo...and his coffee!


He trained at the Acadamy of Art in Rome as a young boy and excelled in painting, sculpture and carpentry. He was neither married nor had children. He owned a small workshop in the town and had severall apprentices including, Leonardo da Vinci, Tomaso and Guiseppe. He is always acomponied my his man servent Cosimo.


The Maestro has a liking for Camomile tea, which he believes calms him in stressfull situations.

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